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Delivering Happiness : Culture & Core values

Tony Hsieh

Alright folks, let’s get back to blogging! For good this time? I doubt it but we’ll try it …Many things have changed for me since I stopped writing on this blog but we might discuss this in a later article.

For now I’d like to focus on my latest read Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh‘s book. Tony Hsieh is the CEO of Zappos, a big US online shoe retailer (Which was recently acquired by Amazon). This was actually one of the first business-oriented book that I’ve read and I must say I was happily surprised. In this book, Tony talks about his story and what got him to where he is now just as if he was talking to a friend of his and the reading experience then becomes really pleasant.

He tells us why he decided to leave the first company he’d founded and sold to Microsoft Link Exchange (Sold for more than $250 million). He then explain how Zappos was born and how he decided to manage the company not to replicate the same mistakes he had made in the past.

By reading his book you will be able to learn a lot about how to create a corporate culture and core values as he refers to them. However, this book is not entirely focus around entrepreneurship even though it makes for most of the content. In fact, Tony Hsieh also talks about how he feels about happiness and how he handles his lifestyle by setting both short and long-term objectives for himself.

I’m going to stop there so that you still have something to learn from this book that I really encourage you to read. You can easily find it on Amazon whether you’re looking for a Kindle or hardcover version.



J’adore ce type de bouquin qui raconte de l’intérieur l’aventure du business.
Dans le genre, “Priceminister” par Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet est excellent.
Je note celui de Tony Hsieh dans ma ToRead List.

Maxime Toulliou

Oui, c’est un livre excellent et je te conseille vraiment de le lire. En plus de montrer l’intérieur du business, le livre ne se concentre pas uniquement sur cet aspect et Tony Hsieh parle aussi de sa “vision globale de la vie” etc … Lecture très agréable en tout cas :)


Ayé j’ai fait ma CB de 15$ sur Amazon ;-)

Maxime Toulliou

Au top ça ! Je pense que tu ne regretteras pas cet achat. N’hésites pas de me faire part de ton avis une fois que tu l’auras lu en tout cas ;)

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