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How will I replace Google Reader?

On the 1st of July, Google Reader will be going away. And unless you have been living in a cave for the past few weeks you will have heard about it. Google Reader had been my RSS reader of choice for the past five years I would say and it is what I rely on in order to stay up-to-date with the latest tech news and other subjects I’m interested in.

What I really appreciated with this tool was its efficiency. In fact, the way the information was displayed and the numerous keyboard shortcuts allowed me to quickly go through what I would have missed on Twitter or on other websites I follow regularly.Therefore, its successor had to have at least a display mode that would make it easy for me to see which articles would be more interesting than others and my usual keyboard shortcuts.

After the annoucement of Google Reader’s death, several new tools were created by companies already working around the RSS technology and others trying to revive thanks to this opportunity aka Digg. I’ve had a look and tried a few of them and while some like AOL‘s have suprised me, I must say I was quite disapointed and not really finding what I loved in Google Reader.

I eventually decided to settle with Feeldy and I think I will try to use it for a few weeks and see how it goes. It has a good enough display mode and keyboard shortcuts so I shouldn’t feel too lost after all.

How to display .htaccess files in Transmit

Last night while fiddling around with one of my servers I wanted to add a .htaccess file that I had already uploaded on another website. I’ve been using Transmit from Panic for a while in order to manage my FTP transfers. However, even though I love this tool I was not able to display those .htaccess files on my server in order to copy and transfer them.

Transmit 4

In the end I found a solution online so I decided to write a blog post about it to share it and to be able to find it if I was to forget it one day or another ;) You actually just need to launch Transmit and go to View > Show invisible files. And voilà! It’s done!

The Random Post #1

Tim Ferris & Kevin Rose

Cela faisait maintenant quelque temps que j’avais envie de reprendre ce blog, de partager à nouveau des choses que je découvre et mes ideés / opinions sur certains sujets. C’est le dernier The Random Show de Kevin Rose ( Digg, Revision3 ) et Tim Ferris ( The 4 hours work week, notamment ) qui m’a finalement redonné le dernier petit coup de motivation dont j’avais besoin. Ce blog personnel a été carrément abandonné – il faut dire ce qui est – depuis plusieurs mois maintenant car je travaillais à côté sur d’autres projets ( Tout-Brest prenant une grande partie de mon temps libre, j’ai vraiment à coeur de faire évoluer ce projet même si ce n’est pas tous les jours évident et que cela prend beaucoup de temps ) et j’exerçais/exerce aussi en tant qu’auto-entrepreneur dans le domaine de la création de sites internet tournant majoritairement sous WordPress / Prestashop. Bon, tout ça pour vous dire que je vais recommencer à bloguer ici et essayer de le faire relativement régulièrement.

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